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Dead fertilizers 

The dead fertilizers comprise a lot of fiber in their contents; they are made of the dead and decaying organic matter. And so, it is referred to be dead organic fertilizer. Just because they are dead doesn’t mean they are not useful enough. They can be used in many ways that the ordinary people will never know, and the beginners are still to know. The article will brief you about the uses but realize the efficiency you need to consult the real peat moss users.

The moss fertilizers

The making of this fertilizer is not very easy. The moss is the main ingredient, and real and healthy moss is not readily available everywhere. Even though it has many uses and is available organically in nature, it is considered a non-renewable resource. You lose a layer with every use, and it takes a millennium to be remade. These fertilizers are very efficient in holding a large amount of water and mineral without getting absorbed into the soil.

Potting soil amendment

The dead moss soil is widely used as potting soil as it provides the plants enough nutrients from a small number of raw materials. The other use of the soil is to replace the natural soil so that the plants get to grow on fibers and not just nutrients. The plants need the entire set of different components for their growth, all in proper proportion. The plants won’t live long with just fiber or just minerals and nutrients.

Acid needing plants

The acid tending plants will love the company of these soils more than the alkaline plants. The soil provides the nutrients released from the mosses, and that is generally rich in carbon. The carbon content in these soils is high and makes it easier for the plant to absorb carbon in an acceptable and usable form. The carbon content makes the soil more acidic; therefore, the acid-loving plants tend to grow well in these soils.

Get it now!

The soil is sure costly, and you would have to pay more to take advantage of its dead moss ingredients. This particular variety of soil can help you with commercial potting, but these are non-renewable resources, and so, they are rare and found in remote spots only. The price of this peat moss is high but, it is worth it. Order the package online and enjoy the advantages before the quality of soil gets exhausted.