Asbestos is a killer substance that many people are now inhaling unknowingly. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was being used in making construction materials. It has been found that asbestos can be found in any residential and even industrial material. This is a mineral that can be found in houses that were built before 2000. It is estimated that over 50% of residential homes in the UK have asbestos. If asbestos is not disturbed in any way, there is no harm that they can cause but when disturbed, there is a likelihood that it will cause many fatalities. Even though asbestos is known to be very dangerous, it is still being used in large quantities. Many construction industries are still utilizing the mineral for the qualities that it has. It is very important to not only be knowledgeable about asbestos but also know how to sport asbestos. Here are some of the signs of asbestos

The age of a building

It is not that easy to know signs of asbestos but you can tell by trying to find out when the building was constructed. Up until 1985, asbestos was still being legally used in countries such as the UK. Asbestos was actively and popularly being used in the creation of appliances as well as buildings. Until now, some countries have failed to put an end to the use of asbestos such as the United States of America. Asbestos can be found in different areas of your home. The most common places include roofing materials, housing pipes, boilers, insulation, and even hairdryers. If the house you are living in was built back at the beginning of the 21st century, chances are asbestos is present in your home. In the past, asbestos was being used in construction, and places with the likelihood to have asbestos include schools, hospitals, churches, and even residential homes. If you feel like asbestos is present in your home, it is better that you consider it checked and some tests are done.


Insulation is also another place to expect asbestos. Attic insulation was commonly made using asbestos. This was between the 1920s and 1980s. If your attic contains insulating material, there is a possibility that asbestos is present in your home. If the insulation was installed in the 1980s and below years, it is best if you get your insulation checked for asbestos. Look for a company to conduct asbestos testing

The interior wall paint

Up to the 1990s, asbestos was a very common ingredient in wall paint. If you are living in an old house, it is best if you try to find out when the building was constructed. A building that was constructed up to the 1990s is likely to have asbestos in their wall paints.

The ceiling

The asbestos ceiling was a very common feature in many residential homes. It was in form of spray-on paint on ceiling tiles. If at all you are suspecting that your ceiling has asbestos, it is better if you looked for experts in asbestos survey Londonwho will help you with the identification of the mineral.