Upgrade Your Living with These Popular Home Styles!

Across Australia, individuals seek to upgrade their living situations and find a new place to call home. Whether moving for work or building their families, many homeowners are considering upgrading to a larger home.

What homes are trending in 2021, and how can you achieve your dream style? We’ve compiled some of Australia’s most popular home styles into this handy guide. Make sure to check it out before you move.

  1. One-Storey Home

Single-storey home designs are perfect for individuals or families who prefer more time outdoors. These homes also tend to have a lower price tag than their two-storey counterparts and often come with fewer hassles, such as upkeep and maintenance. With only one level, moving boxes and other decor will be straightforward.

  1. Two-Storey Home

Two-storey homes are a popular choice because of their size and privacy. If you’re moving with children or pets and want more space, a two-storey home is likely the best fit for your family.

With two floors, there is a clear division between public and private spaces. Two-storey homes also tend to offer the most living space of any home design, making them great for growing families.

  1. Highset Home

People are often drawn to highset homes because they come with plenty of natural light, which means lower energy costs over time. A highset home is also a great option for homeowners who want a separate space for work or hobbies. This can be easily accomplished with a design such as the highset home.

  1. Loft Home

Loft homes are designed specifically to offer square footage without increasing the actual size of the house. The second floors of two-storey homes often go unused and can be transformed into a loft home.

Loft designs offer an industrial look with exposed beams and concrete floors often left in their raw state. Lofts are great if you’re looking for a unique style and want to add your own personal flair.

  1. Dual-Occupancy Home

Dual occupancy homes are often smaller and offer two separate living spaces, such as duplexes, townhouses, or apartments. This style is great for people who work from home because it offers the convenience of a dedicated workspace that’s away from the main living area.

Which Plan is Right for You?

Choosing a new home is an exciting and rigorous process. If you are not sure which design or style is right for you, it’s wise to consult a local real estate agent. They can help guide you through the many options available on the market today.