Things that you need to compare when buying at Amazon magnetic screen door

The best thing that you need to do before buying a screen door for your house is to read reviews about the store and the screen door. You dig deeper into what materials they used in making a retractable screen door, its design, and size. These things are necessary to know their appearance once you compare them to other products. You also need to check on how to install the screen door to your house whether it is hard to do or not.

Check its size

Measuring the door frame is the first thing you need to do once you’re planning to buy a screen door. After you know the size of your door frame. It will lessen your time to look for a product that fits properly to your door at the Amazon Magnetic Screen Door.

When your house has wide double doors or french doors it is better to look for a screen door that is perfect for their sizes.

The types of retractable screen doors

The retractable screen doors are all cast to stay in their position while they are being used. Most of them are good for one-handed use and others might need to ask help to open and close the door. The screen doors have different types and styles to be used.

The sliding

It is the most common kind of screen door that people use in their houses. The doors are sliding to open or closed over the top and bottom tracks that are connected to the door frame. These doors have a lock which you need to push a button so the spring will unlock the door.

The magnetic

The magnetic screen door is the easiest door that you can use. As it needs no hands to open or close the door as they have magnets that run vertically in the middle. People and pets can walk through without any hassle as they can open the middle screen and the magnets put it back and close it.

The pull up and down

These doors are mostly used in the usual storm door because they have insect screens. When they want to use the screen they can pull it and when it is not in use they can roll it up or down.

Know its materials

Once you use the screen door for your main door it can stop from entering the leaves, insects, and other materials into your house. The ideal materials that are perfect for the screen doors are aluminum and fiberglass.

The fiberglass

The type of screen doors such as fiberglass has three grades. The standard, heavy-duty and fine. When the screen has fiberglass you can save money, protect yourself from any type of weather and insects as it is made of a fine screen. These screens are less visible from the outside. That results in having a little privacy rather than the aluminum.

The aluminum

Compared to the other, this one is expensive but it is more durable. This screen is made out of magnesium and aluminum that is coated to have protection from rust and weather. This type of screen is more visible than fiberglass. It doesn’t block the view that comes from the inside to the outside. It will not tear easily but it is more unsafe to dents. As it leaves a mark on the screen which is not easy to repair.