Some House Guests Are Pests

Your home is a special place. It is your space that you share with others only when you choose, with those who are most special to you. That is why when you find an unwanted guest in your house — an animal or an insect — it can feel like an invasion. Fortunately these intruders can be removed quickly. Here are four pests that you should evict from your home immediately.


These nasty critters are some of the most invasive pests that you might find in your home. Bedbugs live where you sleep and will make their presence known by leaving bites on your skin. They can hide in your rooms undetected and can be very difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, Cape Coral pest control companies can quickly and completely remove these pesky insects. If you suspect that bedbugs have moved in with you and your family, leave the eviction process to the experts.


Prolific and persistent, an army of ants in your home is another issue you will want to take care of as soon as possible. Ants can get into your food, ruining a pantry full of groceries. They can also get into the walls, which can cause internal damage to the structure of your home. Much like bedbugs, some even have a painful bite that can be a mean reminder of their presence.

While commercial ant traps may solve the problem, it’s almost always best to work with pest control specialists instead.


These bugs can cause extensive damage to your home. Termites thrive on wood and attack the structural integrity of your home. They can do this rapidly and sometimes with devastating effect.

Termites are not always obviously present, so it is important to have a pest control specialist check your home for termites if you suspect you have a problem. Pest control professionals can eliminate the termites without causing more damage to the structure of your home.


Mice and rats need to be evacuated from the home as soon as possible. Small rodents, much like insects, can cause structural damage to your house and contaminate your food. Rodents can also carry diseases, and whatever they have brought into your living space from outside needs to be dealt with. An exterminator can remove the rodents from your home without damaging the space the rodent has occupied and without leaving dangerous traps that could be accidentally triggered by children or pets.

If there are any signs of pests in your home, it is best to act quickly and effectively. Before your fortress is overrun by one of these problem species, make sure you let a pest expert assess and attack any infestation that might be on its way.