Why Your Housekeeper Should be Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


The regular cleaning products you use in your home are toxic and leave harmful residues. They are also very harmful to the environment and put you and your family’s health at risk. The same happens with most home cleaning services. The next time you hire a home cleaning service by searching for “home cleaning services near me” ask them to use eco-friendly cleaning products. Here’s why your housekeeper should use eco-friendly cleaning products:

The Discussion

  1. They don’t harm the environment – As the name suggests, eco-friendly cleaning products don’t harm the environment. You can get all kinds of eco-friendly products for cleaning your home. From dishwashing liquid to laundry soap. None of them are made from harmful chemicals that leave residue on your clothes, floors, furniture, and utensils.

Every time you use synthetic and harmful cleaning products to clean your dishes or wash your clothes, the chemicals are washed down the pipes and make their way to the environment. Similarly, when you use synthetic products for cleaning your car or for other outdoor cleaning purposes the chemicals get washed down the drain into the environment and sometimes seep into the groundwater and the soil.

  1. All kinds of varieties – Choosing an eco-friendly cleaning product doesn’t mean you need to compromise. More people are getting concerned about the environment and the things they use in their daily life. That’s why the demand for eco-friendly cleaning products has been on the rise and the market has delivered.

Now the market is filled with a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products for all your cleaning needs. They come in different pleasant smells usually obtained from essential oils or other such natural ingredients. They may cost a couple of bucks more than the synthetic alternatives. However, that’s a small price to pay when your family’s health is at risk. These eco-friendly cleaning products are also very effective at cleaning filth. The cons are non-existent.

  1. No skin allergies – When you clean with those harmful products you are exposed to those toxic chemicals. Even if you were wearing a hazmat suit while cleaning your home with those products you are exposed to the chemical residue after cleaning. These chemicals can trigger skin allergies and in severe cases, you may need to rush to a clinic.

Eco-friendly products mostly use natural ingredients like glycerin. While they are equally as good at cleaning filth, grime and grease they don’t trigger skin allergies. So, after you’re done cleaning our dishes your hands remain soft. That’s why you find those allergic reaction warnings on eco-friendly cleaning products.

  1. Your circulatory system isn’t at risk – Chemical detergents, cleaning liquids, and soap don’t just trigger skin allergies. They can also penetrate the skin and get absorbed into your bodily fluids. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and that allows it to readily absorb these chemicals. When the chemicals get into your body, they can reach all parts of your body through the circulatory system and cause many diseases. With eco-friendly products, you don’t have that risk.
  1. Cruelty-free – Before a chemical cleaner is introduced into the market, it has to go through rigorous testing. Animals are the test subjects for the most part. These animals have to bear the brunt of these harsh chemicals till they are acceptable with regulatory standards. Eco-friendly products don’t need to be tested on your four-legged friends since they don’t use such toxic chemicals. You can buy eco-friendly products with pride since it is cruelty-free and that leaves you with a clean conscience.
  1. Reduced costs – This is one of the greatest hurdles that keep most people from using eco-friendly cleaning products. However, it’s nothing more than a myth at this point. Due to the rise in demand eco-friendly products have become more abundant in the market and economies of scale have allowed companies to reduce the cost drastically.

Most eco-friendly cleaning products in the market cost just a buck or two more than their synthetic counterparts while some are priced aggressively enough to compete with traditional cleaning solutions. Moreover, you also ignore another hidden cost while using those chemical products. While eco-friendly cleaning products don’t put your health at risk it isn’t the same with chemical cleaning products. You end up paying thousands of dollars in healthcare due to the short-term or long-term effects of these synthetic products.

  1. Pleasant smells – Most chemical products in household cleaning have a nasty smell. It’s harsh enough to keep kids away from a room after it’s cleaned. However, eco-friendly products don’t have that problem.

Eco-friendly products are scented with natural fragrances and essential oils. This also acts as aromatherapy and makes that extra couple of bucks spent on a gallon of eco-friendly cleaner worth it. Even if you decide to go with natural cleaning vinegar, the lingering smell disappears within a few minutes and serves as a much better alternative compared to harsh chemical cleaners.

  1. Fewer antibacterial products – The FDA says that antibacterial soaps aren’t any better than regular soap. According to research conducted by the American Medical Association, frequent use of antibacterial soap can increase bacterial resistance. It works similarly to antibiotics.

When you consume too many antibiotics bacteria becomes more resistant and more infectious to invade your body and spread diseases. That’s why you should stick with eco-friendly products and limit overuse. Certain antibacterials like triclosan can also lead to thyroid diseases and hormonal imbalance.

  1. No toxic fumes – When you use chemical cleaning products, they leave chemical residue and also toxic fumes in the air. That can cause respiratory issues and if exposed for the long term you can also develop chronic conditions like asthma. With eco-friendly products, there’s no such risk.


The most popular cleaning products in the market are toxic, produce harmful fumes that put your health at risk, and also make you develop chronic diseases. Moreover, they are very harmful to the environment. The next time you search for “home cleaning services near me” to hire a housekeeper you may ask them to use eco-friendly products.