Types of Problems Water Damage Can Cause in Homes

Water damage in American homes is widespread. This issue might occur due to natural causes like flooding following heavy rains. However, more often than not, water damage arlington va occurs due to a dripping roof or leaky pipe. Addressing these issues fast is crucial to protect homes and homeowners from more severe troubles. Water damage can result in expensive repairs. However, that’s not the only problem associated with it. The section below talks about more severe issues resulting from water damage.

Health Issues 

Water damage makes homes the breeding ground for harmful microorganisms like bacteria. This leaves people living in homes with unaddressed water damage at risk of developing infections, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory problems, skin disorders, etc. Contamination of the water with chemicals and sewage results in more frightening health issues.

Failure to mend the damage before it’s too late can expose the HVAC system, carpets, and furniture to toxins. Removing those toxins becomes impossible even if the water dries up.

Mold Formation 

Any space experiencing water damage will have substantial mold growth. That’s because this fungus thrives in dark, damp environments. Removing the water, eliminating the cause behind the problem, and mending water damage are a few essential steps to stop mold from growing. Completing the steps fast is crucial as mold takes only around 48 hours to develop. Mold formation not only spoils the look of a house but also causes health problems like skin irritations and respiratory issues.

Electrical Damage

Whenever there’s water damage in a home, the space becomes susceptible to electrical damage. As a result, inspection of the electrical system of houses experiencing water damage is mandatory. The expert arriving for the assessment should check everything from the electrical boxes and wiring to the outlets (particularly the low-mounted ones) and appliances.

Structural Damage 

The worst effect of water damage arlington va is structural damage. Structural damage doesn’t occur instantly. It takes place when homeowners keep ignoring water damage. Some signs of structural damage include peeling paint, split and warped subfloor, damaged drywall, etc.

In worst cases, even solid structural materials like stone, concrete, and masonry develop cracks and start soaking water. If the homeowner keeps ignoring the problem and avoids removing water from these structures, the foundation of the entire building can develop defects. In the long run, these defects weaken the building’s construction.

If that happens, the process of reversing the problem becomes expensive. The repair person needs to replace every damaged part. Structural Damage

Loss of Properties 

Lingering water damage can destroy belongings like electronics, photos, books, documents, clothing, furniture, etc. The damage is most severe if the items come in direct contact with water. However, dampness resulting from water damage can destroy properties even if they don’t come in direct contact with water. Restoration professionals are the best people to add life to destroyed belongings. For best results, the damaged items should reach these professionals promptly.


The best way to deal with water damage arlington va is by hiring a professional to complete the required repair works and restoration jobs as soon as possible. Doing so will not only protect the health of the home and the people living in them but will also save the homeowner from making massive expenses in the future.