Six Mistakes to Avoid when Using their Washing Machine

A washing machine is an important appliance in the modern world that makes people’s life easier and more convenient. But, as with other appliances, a washer must be properly cared for so that it functions at its best. That is why owners should use their laveuse LG properly and avoid making the following mistakes:


A washing machine is made to wash specific amount of laundry that must always be adhered to. Overloading the machine will prevent it from washing the clothes properly and cause damage to the tub which is usually costly.

Not Using the Correct Settings

It’s important to read the manual carefully before operating the washer. This will help owners understand the settings properly. Options like rinse and wash cycles are not always easy to understand. Using wrong settings will result in improper washing and damage to the machine itself.

Not Paying Attention to the Tags

The tags attached to clothes indicate the right wash settings or conditions for perfect cleaning. It is essential to stick to them to avoid destroying the clothes. Homeowners should learn to segregate like pieces and choose proper combinations when washing clothes. For instance, white pieces should be separated from coloured pieces.

Using Too Much Detergent

Using too much detergent will make the clothes rough and sudsy. Also, this practice is not good for the machine as it can take away the protective coating from the tub and the inner components which will ultimately result in malfunctions.

Not Removing the Washed Clothes Right Away

It is fine to store clothes for washing in the machine; however, washed clothes should be removed immediately. Damp clothes cause harms the washer by creating an ideal environment for bacteria and mould to build up. Plus, they can also produce a foul odour. After taking out the clothes, the door of the machine must be left open for 15 to 20 minutes to allow moisture to escape.

Not Cleaning the Machine

After using the washing machine, it should be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate the detergent residues, limescale, and dirt that can damage it. White vinegar and baking soda can be mixed in the same amount of water and used for cleaning the washer. This cleaning method should be done once every three months.

Moreover, fully automatic machines often have 2-3 trays or dispensers for softeners, detergents, and storage. These trays must be washed regularly to prevent them from building up grime and sticky layers.