How To Design A Modern Garden

For the longest time, it appears that gardens in the UK have remained much the same. Neat lawns alongside regimented flower beds or concrete slabs giving room to unused BBQ grills can be seen all over the country. Sheds too remain forgotten, delegated largely to store tools and sports equipment, which is a shame because there is a significant amount of potential to be found in a garden outbuilding.

Luckily, for the vitality of gardens across the country, modern designs are making extremely creative use of outdoor space and a new wave of homeowners are refusing to let their gardens remain decorative or neglected. This could, in large part, be due to the rising price of houses, leading homeowners to make the most of their investment. Other experts, however, are crediting the pandemic with influencing modern garden design, describing the desire for outdoor spaces as a prime motivator in homeownership.

Whatever the reason, there are fascinating changes taking place and we have collected some of our favourites to help potentially inspire your own creative garden design.

An Eco-Space

With climate change becoming a more pervasive topic and initiatives such as No Mow May sweeping the nation, modern residents are transforming their gardens into eco-friendly spaces that support the local environment and wildlife. The concept of weeds has historically been critical; they are unwanted plants. However, many of these weeds are not only beautiful but they also play an important role in local ecology, which is why gardeners are welcoming them back into their spaces.

Ponds and trees can also play a substantial role in supporting local wildlife, with some residents going even further as to create and install hedgehog boxes and beehives, actively encouraging their garden space to be enjoyed by their regional flora and fauna.

A Luxury Space

Indulging in a relaxing reading spot or centring yourself with a private yoga session is easier to enjoy within your home than you might think. Gardens can be transformed into the setting for your own luxurious relaxation. Summer houses and outbuildings can affordable and easily be installed allowing homeowners to create a decadent outdoor space that is immersed in their garden’s natural beauty. Such buildings can also be designed to be cosy throughout the year, giving residents a way to enjoy their garden all year, even during the colder winter months.

Social Spaces

As homeowners place a greater priority on socialising safely, gardens are becoming a popular destination for gatherings. Gastronomic enthusiasts are building outdoor cooking and dining spaces, gardens are being shaped with levels and layers to facilitate dedicated areas for activities and relaxation, and neighbours are removing fences to better facilitate a sense of community.

As neighbourhood groups become more popular online, outdoor spaces are becoming more useful for their community potential, whether as storage spaces to be rented out or meeting spots for local interest groups. Whereas gardens have historically been private, these outdoor spaces are now being designed with local benefit in mind.