Guide 101: Everything Homeowners Must Know About End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning!

You tenants have vacated the property and their lease is over. You have to now find new occupants, and it is important to ensure that they like the house, so that you can fetch the expected price. This is where end of tenancy cleaning becomes so important. The idea is to clean the entire house and make it more aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing, so that potential tenants agree to pay the price desired. Most homeowners make the mistake of a DIY cleanup, which can be messy and may not have the same cleaning impact. The good news is professional companies offer end of tenancy cleaning Manchester. We share a guide below about the aspects you need to discuss.

Start with experience and repute

Don’t be surprised to find about companies that outsource their jobs to subcontractors for a small fee or commission. You want a cleaning services that has experience, like real experience, and enjoys good reputation in the industry. Online reviews are a good way to judge, but always remember that clients who have had a bad experience are likely to write more things online than the ones with good feedback. You can ask around for recommendations, or else, just ask the shortlisted companies to share details of their clients as references.

Check the smaller aspects

A reliable agency should have the resources and manpower to take up deep-cleaning jobs, such as end-of-tenancy cleanup. We recommend that you ask some of the basic questions, such as –

  • Do you have an in-house team? Many companies hire cleaners on contract, as and when needed, and that’s could be a disaster for the job, considering the lack of experience and training. Make sure that the agency has people on payroll, who are insured and bonded.
  • Do you have insurance? Cleaning jobs can be risky, and if the company doesn’t have general liability insurance, you may have to bear any loss to the property. Similarly, workers’ compensation insurance is critical and necessary, because work-related accidents and subsequent medical bills may fall on the client.

  • Do you offer any satisfaction guarantee? What happens if you don’t like the concerned service? Or the cleanup is not as expected? The company should be clear about the kind of mediation they can offer, and should be ready to redo the job to your satisfaction.

Take a few pictures before the cleaners arrive to clean the property.