Fibreglass Pools Are Better

During the hot summer months, it is nice to sit around your in-ground pool enjoying a nice cold glass of lemonade. Children and teenagers alike will love having their friends over for birthday parties and social events. If you have been thinking about getting an in-ground pool, you most likely have been doing a lot of research. Fiberglass pools have grown increasingly popular due to their many benefits.

Custom Sizes

Fibreglass pools come in a wide range of sizes perfect for large yards and smaller courtyards. Professional contractors will suggest which size will best fit your backyard. Do you want a larger deck space for grilling? Do you need a safe area for your dog to run and play? You may prefer a smaller fiberglass pool so you can accommodate extra yard space or a barbeque pit.

Fibreglass Resists Algae

Fiberglass pools are algae-resistant. A swimming pool is great fun for the whole family but comes with maintenance. Fibreglass has a nonporous surface. Algae is more likely to cling to concrete. This is why concrete pools require more maintenance.

Maintenance and Replacement

Concrete and vinyl pools will not only easily grow algae but also need significant structural work every five to seven years. Vinyl pools require replacement liners every seven to ten years. Algae treatments are labourious and costly. While concrete and vinyl pools are cheaper to install than fiberglass pools, they are more expensive in the long run.


It takes significant time to install a concrete pool. Contractors will have to pour the cement and wait for it to dry before you can line your pool. Fibreglass pools are known for quick installation.

The entire fibreglass pool shell will arrive at your home in one piece. Fibreglass pools require a backfilling and filling technique to ensure that the pressure is equalised on each wall. This process is fast. Fibreglass pools only take two to four weeks for perfect installation while concrete pools can take as long as three to six months.

In Summary

Fiberglass pools are durable, compatible with salt systems, and low-maintenance. They are algae-resistant and require fewer long-term costs than concrete and vinyl pools. Fibreglass installation is a quicker process than other pools.

Lastly, fiberglass pools cost more than concrete pools but are well worth the investment due to their benefits. You and your family will be able to start enjoying your pool as soon as the summer heat arrives.