Effectively Dividing the Office Environment

Every modern workplace should be able to respond to the demands of an ever-changing business world; at the same time, your staff should have enough space to allow them to be productive. There is now a superb solution to effectively dividing the workspace, which is the modern office partitioning system. Easily installed without major building work and manufactured in specialised materials such as acoustic or fire rated plasterboard, different options are available for every budget. This short piece will introduce you to this exceptional workplace system, what the options are and the benefits you can access when using them in your office.

Looking At the Available Options

Office Partitioning systems are designed to meet the challenges you are facing in the ever-changing business environment; the varied types of partitioning systems are –

  • Drywall partitions – this type of partition uses an aluminium framework and fire plasterboard layered panels, which have excellent acoustic and fire-rated properties; they are a superb budget option.
  • Glazed partitions – the increasingly popular choice of glass can be used to transform an office, allowing the healthy benefits of natural light to spread through the space. Single- and double-glazed options can be upgraded with internal blinds or curtains.
  • Demountable partitions – this is a relocatable partition which can be moved with a minimum of fuss, allowing flexibility to the user. It also has the added bonus of being tax deductible in some situations.
  • Fire Rated Partitions – designed with materials with increased fire protective properties, they can be used to protect specific areas such as storerooms or fire evacuation routes.
  • Sliding Partitions – can be used in larger rooms to divide them up quickly and easily when the situation demands.

The office partition system is also a great business investment; if a relocation to a new building occurs, it can be easily disassembled and moved to the new workplace.

Locating a Great Supplier

When planning your office refurbishment, the internet is an excellent research tool; take some time to find out what is available; searching for ‘workplace partitioning’ will provide you with a list of local office partitioning specialists. Take some notes of any products or potential suppliers you might use for your project; once you have narrowed the possibilities to a shortlist of three or four, you can cross-reference them on consumer websites to see how well they do.

How They Improve the Workplace

When deciding to use some form of partitioning for your office, it can be helpful to be aware of the available benefits involved when you use them; these can include –

  • Improving the aesthetic look – when combined with the décor and furniture, it can create a productive space where staff are encouraged to succeed.
  • Builds a sense of inclusion – giving employees their own space allows them to be connected and satisfied.
  • Gives structure and flow – breaking down the available space into specific work areas helps to increase focus and productivity.
  • Cost Effectiveness – installing partitioning systems, especially demountable partitions, is a great investment.

Cubicle-type workstations are a thing of the past, but many businesses are reluctant to go fully open plan; office partitioning systems can bridge this gap by creating a welcoming but functional working space that will inspire creativity and lead to productivity. Find your local partitioning specialist today!