Choosing the Right Kind of Fence for your Property

People build a fence around their yard to keep intruders out, ensure privacy, keep their children and dogs, or set the boundaries of their property. However, fencing options have come along with from the conventional white picket fence. People’s taste has changed and technology has advanced which pave the way for the development of various kinds of fence.

Factors to Consider when Choosing your Fence

Whether you prefer to use hardwood, Rough Cedar Lumber, or materials for your fence, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Privacy. Even if you think you have good neighbors, you still want to keep maintain your privacy. When choosing the design of your fence, consider the level of privacy you want and the way it will affect the look and feel.
  • Security. A dependable fence will ensure no stranger can easily break into your house. But, the level of security required for every situation is unique. Thus, if you don’t want your pets to escape, a basic board fence should be enough. A secure fence will keep things such as critters out of your yard. In case your property’s location is usually visited by critters, ensure your fence is snug to the ground and tall enough to keep intruders out.
  • Maintenance. The type of material your fence is made from will influence the level of maintenance it requires. Wood and vinyl are the most common fence materials that vary in their maintenance requirements. Each of them has its benefits and can deliver a stunning and durable fence for your property.

Why Choose Wood Fences

Wood fences provide many benefits. Wood is affordable, sturdy, and versatile. You can choose from a variety of woods like redwood, Western cedar, Brazilian lope and others. These days, cedar is still a top choice for wood fences. Also, wood provides a variety of shades because it can be stained t match the preferences of every home. But, wood requires ongoing maintenance. The exposure of the wood fence to the elements requires it to be stained and sealed every two years to keep its fresh look.

Vinyl is Maintenance-Free and Durable

Vinyl can be a more expensive fencing option than wood. However, its durability and lack of required maintenance can make the total cost of ownership worth it. A number of manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on their vinyl fences. However, vinyl cannot emulate the same beauty of a wood fence.