3 Reasons To Have a Tree Removed From Your Property

There is a regal beauty belonging to trees that exist in no other plants on earth. From the music they whisper in the wind to the homes they provide small animals, the planet owes much to their existence. However, there are also problems associated with trees that proper management must identify. When all else fails, sometimes the trees must go to ensure your home and family are safe. Here are three reasons to have a tree removed from your property.

1. Sick Roots

Roots are the lifeblood of your tree, and if the roots are not healthy, they can affect the whole growth system. There may be mounds of soil near the surface, fungi may shoot from the roots, or the foliage may look sickly. Call in an arborist from Ansonia CT tree removal to take care of the tree if you see these signs.

2. Hollow Tree

Sometimes a tree will develop an internal decay that takes many years to come to the surface. When the rot is revealed, it is often because the inner tree is hollow or split. If you see a tree with a hole in its heart, it won’t be long until the entire structure dies. It needs to be removed before it becomes a liability.

3. Encroaching Growth

If your notice a tree that has stopped growing, the roots go under your home, or the plant appears to have stunted growth, look closer. If sprouts are growing at the bottom of the tree, the plant is in serious trouble. The shoots are known as epicormic sprouts and are a signal that your tree needs help – or to be cut down by a Monroe CT tree removal service.

You may love your trees, but when they become sickly, or the roots start to grow under your home, it is time to say goodbye. Call in an arborist to remove the problem growth.