Why Houzdream

We are here to help both sides of party involving, which is the buyer and the designer.

For buyer

Browse at your convenience
● Browse through our wide selection of designs based on your creative ideas.
Under your budget
● Get designs within your preferred budget with no extra hidden cost.
Your choice of creativity is our priority
● D.I.Y Concept, where you can easily do in on your own pace at your fingertips.
Extensive designs for your dream home
● Remodel and get a preview of your designs before renovating.
Ready-made designs and material for extra suggestion
● Mix and match your creative ideas and designs with our suggested material and furniture on our website!

For designer:

Do what designers do: Design with passion!
● Let your creative juices start flowing here.
Enhance your designing skill
● Nothing happens overnight. Practice makes perfect. Design and let others know your creativity and potential through your designs.
Space for you to exhibit your designs
● Every designs of yours will be displayed as they are highly appreciated by Houzdream, which means any user of this website could be your potential customer!
Image is equally important to your designs
● Build your own online designer profile and add them to your portfolio professionally.
Get to know others
● Exchange your valuable thoughts with other talented designers in our forum.
New here?
● You are always welcome to join us here in Houzdream. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@houzdream.com.