What We Sell

Houzdream.com is an interior design website to sell the design idea to those looking for inspiration on décor his dream house.

Our Design ideas come from worldwide interior designer. They speak different language, live in different country, having different lifestyle and different culture, Thus, they design their best design drawing and present to us. To help the customer who wish to décor their dream house but lack of idea.

Customers who purchase the design drawing from houzdream.com, will get a complete detailed layout. Besides that, we provide extra idea for furniture which customers can also browse through our recommended material and furniture that can be purchased via online.

Below are what customer will get when you purchase any of the design ideas from houzdream.com.


You will receive complete renders such as the space layouts, colors, furniture and all you need to know for the designs you purchased.

Detailed layouts

You will receive detailed floor plans entailing every specific dimensions.

Recommended material

Different types of materials will be suggested by the designers to broaden your creative ideas.

Recommended furniture

Variety of furniture, colors, accessories, etc. suggested by the designers for you to further enhance your dream space!

Recommended website link

Website link suggested by designers for you to browse through and shop online.