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20 Easy (and Cheap!) DIY Decorating Projects
  • Simple Rag Rug
    [img=0x0][/img][Image: diy-rag-rug-5835e9875f9b58d5b1a9245a.jpg][/url]
    Craftaholics Anonymous
    Looking for some simple, inexpensive DIY decorating projects to try? Let the inspiration juices flow with this roundup of easy DIY projects.
    This rag rug can be customized to meet the decor of any room, and it is easy enough for kids to join in on the DIY decorating fun.

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    [Image: Decoupage-Lace-Containers-583e0f555f9b58d5b1903060.jpg]
    Decoupage Lace Containers
    Urban Comfort
    Add a delicate, vintage-looking touch to your decor with these lace containers. Modge Podge brings it all together.

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    Bottle Cap Tray
    Sweet Something Design
    Finally, something to do with all those bottles caps that you have lying around. This stylish tray can show off your favorite drinks and do double duty holding them.

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    [Image: Geometric-Painted-Rug-583e123b5f9b58d5b190c210.jpg]
    Geometric Painted Rug
    Almost 40
    A little painter's tape goes a long way to creating a trendy geometric painted rug.

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    [Image: Love-Message-Board-583e1a815f9b58d5b1925475.jpg]
    Love Message Board
    This love message board lets you express your love for others over and over again--with just a quick wipe off and rewrite.

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    [Image: Moroccan-Lanterns-583e1e4d5f9b58d5b192eb9b.jpg]
    Moroccan Lanterns
    Repurpose your old spaghetti sauce jars into Moroccan-inspired lanterns, which are all decked out with gold paint.

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    Paper Covered Votives
    Craft and Creativity
    Looking to give new life to old votives? This DIY decorating project involves taking paper and covering votives. Let your favorite decorative papers glow!

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    Bamboo Orb Pendant Lights
    Crafty Nest
    Inspired by the Cassiopeia chandelier from Ironware International, these bamboo orb pendant lights add a rustic or farmhouse style to any room.

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    No-Sew Grommet Drapes
    Brooklyn Limestone
    Can't sew but want fabulous drapes with grommets? This tutorial will show you how to create grommet drapes without having to use a needle or thread!
    • how to create grommet drapes without having to use a needle or thread!

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    Ribbon ChandelierSimplified BeeWire and ribbons are all you need to create this adorable ribbon chandelier, which could be a temporary or permanent fixture depending on your needs.
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    Sunburst Mirror
    [img=0x0][/img][Image: Sunburst-Mirror-583e369d3df78c6f6a98e024.jpg]
    K Sarah Designs
    Wood shims, glue, and a mirror...that's all it takes to create this retro-inspired sunburst mirror from K Sarah Designs.

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    Pom Pom Throw
    In My Own Style
    Add pom-poms to an existing blanket for distinctive style. Just pick your yarn, make the pom-poms and attach!

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    Paper Mache Animal Heads
    Lil Blue Boo
    If you like the look of mounted animal heads--think lodge style--you will probably like this stylish take on the original, which incorporates paper mache into an animal head. (No real bones involved!)

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    Octagon Mirror
    [img=0x0][/img][Image: Octagon-Mirror-583e39203df78c6f6a9e8887.jpg]
    View Along the Way
    Pallet craft people, unite! This tutorial shows you how to create an octagon-shaped wooden mirror.

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    Birch Candle
    A Night Owl
    A Night Owl was inspired by Pottery Barn to create these birch candles, which use paper, Modge Podge, twine, and LED pillars.

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    Stenciled Drop Cloth Valances
    Pitter and Glink
    Use inexpensive painting drop cloths to create a window valance that can be customized with stencils.

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    Elephant Bookends
    [img=0x0][/img][Image: Elephant-Bookends-583e3b2e5f9b58d5b1b06250.jpg]
    Love Grows Wild
    This blogger was inspired by Pottery Barn to create these elephant bookends, which are great in any room.

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    Junk Wind Chime
    [img=0x0][/img][Image: Junk-Wind-Chime-583e3bcb5f9b58d5b1b1d311.jpg]
    Rebecca Sower
    If you like the vintage look or enjoy using found items, check out this wind chimethat's made out of some random metal objects and thoughtfully put together. 

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    Decorative Folding Screen
    In My Own Style
    Need a little privacy and want to save money at the same time? Make your own folding screen with this DIY decorating project tutorial.
    Continue to 20 of 20 below.

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    Charger Mirror
    [img=0x0][/img][Image: Charger-Mirror-583e3d153df78c6f6aa79d83.jpg]
    [url=]Sand and Sisal
    Transform a charter into a focal point mirror for your home. 

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