General Questions

  • Sign up – As Designer or Sign up – As Customer
  • Fill in your details
  • A welcome email will be sent to you to verify the validity of your email address
  • Customer will be auto approved after email verification whereas designer will need the additional approval from houzdream admin as new eligible designer.
  • To sign in, click on ‘Sign in’ button.
  • Enter the registered email address and password.
  • System will be able to auto detect whether you are designer or a customer.

If you are having trouble signing in, there are a few things to check:

  • Double check that you are using the correct email or username and password combination.
  • If you are still having trouble, please submit a ticket and for us to assist if there is another issue with your account.
If you have forgotten your Houzdream password and unable to sign in, click ‘Forgotten Password’ and enter the email address that is registered to your Houzdream account. Instructions to reset your password will be sent to the registered email address.
To update your password,
  • Sign in to your Houzdream account and go to ‘My account’.
  • Click ‘Change Password’ button and key in new password to update your password.
To edit your information, please sign in to your Houzdream account and go to ‘My account’ to edit your preferred information. Click ‘Save’ when you are done.


To set up your profile, Go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘designer profile’ to start edit your designer profile.
To update/edit your profile, Go to ‘My Account’ -> Designer Profile’.
Be sure to save any changes you make by clicking the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page when you are finished.
  1. To create a new design, Go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘New design’ under Designer Account.
  2. Enter a name in the first box, then enter the description for your post in the second box
  3. You can add categories, descriptions, and keywords. The more information you provide, the more likely your photos are to be discovered.
  4. Upload Images and design drawing under ‘Files’.
  5. When you are done editing your text, adding photos and upload files, click the ‘Submit’ button. 
  6. You will see the new created design status as “Inactive”, and pending for admin’s approval.( within 48 working hours)
  7. If your design has been approved, the status will change to “active”, and your design will be placed in the marketplace now.
  8. If your design is rejected, the status will change to “Disabled”, and you will be provided 7 working days to make any amendments. The design will automatically be removed from the server after 7 working days if there are no changes.
To delete a design, Go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Design’
Click the ‘X’ button under action, then click ‘OK’.
By default, the name you key-in will appear with your published designs. However, you can change the name that appears with your designs by visiting your profile, click ‘Edit design’, and editing the information under the ‘Name’ fields. Once saved, the designs all auto unpublished from marketplace to get admin re-approve.
You can upload photos from your computer by clicking the ‘Select images’.
To change your cover photo, Go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Designer profile’.
Your banner can be edited from there. Once you are satisfied with the banner, click ‘Save’ to keep it as your cover photo. 
Be sure to save any changes you make by clicking the save button at the bottom of the page when you are done. 
Click the ‘Reviews’ button under your published designed to check the reviews.
You can’t edit customer review.
If you feel that other users violates you by leaving unnecessary comments and remarks, please contact admin @ info@houzdream.com. But it is the admin’s discretion in making decisions to remove the remarks.
The designer can see and answer user question via the email.
Do your best to answer every question about your work. This is a great opportunity to show your design expertise and make connections in the community.
You can find your messages in your registered email.
In the interest of security, passwords will not be transferred to other people. 
To change your profile (avatar) photo that appears on your profile and with your published designs,
Go to ‘My Account” -> ‘Designer profile’
Select your preferred image and click ‘Save’ to post it as your new avatar. 

Adding the right tags/keywords is an important step in helping Houzdream users find you and your project photos.

Here are some guidelines for adding tags/keywords to your photos:

Tag/keyword each unique photo: 
On the project upload page, only enter keywords if they apply to every single photo you are uploading. In most cases, you need to insert keyword into each photo separately.

  • Ask yourself: If a user search for this keyword and found this photo, will they be confused?
  • List 3-10 keywords per photo

Capitals and punctuation:  Capitalization and punctuation are ignored in search, so it is okay to insert your keyword in lower case.

Appropriate types of keywords:

  • Materials (silk curtains, marble, wood table)
  • Colors, color schemes, patterns (white bed, neutral bedroom)
  • Size/shape adjectives (rectangular pool, mini chandelier, small kitchen)
  • Style (spanish colonial style house, art nouveau mirror, beach style decor)
  • Quantities (two sinks, two twin beds)
  • Unique product features (basket with lid, self-cleaning oven)
  • Products (canopy bed, corner wood stove, lounge chair)
  • Specific product information (Eames chair, Kohler Purist Faucet, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) These can also be tagged and listed in more detail in the photo description field.

Inappropriate types of keywords:

  • Keywords that are not relevant or not visible in that specific photo.
  • Keywords listing pro names, office locations, the pro’s services

To update/edit your paypal account,
Go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘designer profile’
You can edit your Paypal account here, click ‘Save’ to keep it as your new paypal account. 
Be sure to save any changes you make by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page when you are done.
Your payment will be released to your paypal account when your houzdream account reaches a minimum amount of USD50.
To get paid, Go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Request Payout’
We will notify you via email when your payments are processed. It will normally takes 3 business days after processing for the funds to appear in your bank account.
The price of each published designs will be set as USD60 unless vary under other terms and conditions.


  1. Select your lovely design and “Add to cart”
  2. Choose ‘view Cart’, or ‘Checkout’
  3. For those new customers, please sign up to continue the shopping. For those existing customer, please sign in.
  4. Choose your payment method, and “confirm order” to finish the process.
You can find your order by clicking ‘My account’ -> ‘My orders’ -> ‘View your order history’.
You can’t cancel an order once payment completed.
You can go on ‘Designer’ to get the list out active designer you may be looking for.
You can also message other professionals on Houzdream by clicking the ‘Contact’ button on their profile page.
We currently accept paypal /credit card
Please proceed for check out by choosing “pay by credit card” option. Payment by credit card option will be at the login page of paypal.
Please check your registered email.
Yes, this is a worldwide community for designers and users.

Goods purchased are not refundable on houzdream.com, except under the circumstances of:

  1. Identical product was purchased multiple times due to browser error.
  2. The purchased item and the goods received are completely different.
  3. The purchased goods are defective but not immediately noticeable.
  4. The purchased goods are missing and incomplete from your list.
You can message professionals on Houzdream by clicking the ‘Contact’ button found on their profile pages.
  • If you see something that looks like an error on the site, please email us at info@houzdream.com and include a brief description of the error you are seeing and a link to the page where you are seeing it.
  • For other questions or help, please email us. 
For other questions, feedback, or help, please directly email to us at info@houzdream.com