About Us

To have a house is a dream come true, but to transform it into a home with your personal style effortlessly is only achievable through Houzdream.

  Houzdream.com is a hassle-free website where we stand on the customer point of view to understand the desire to have professional aspiration of design for your own home in the most affordable way and without the need to consult an interior designer face to face.

  As everyone have their own exquisite idea of design, Houzdream.com is where you get to browse and select freely from our ready-to-choose designs and at the same time being able to mix and match up to your own desired idea conveniently.

  On the other hand, specially for the talented and creative designers out there, Houzdream.com is the place for you ! Traditionally for designers in the outside world, the designs created are usually based on customer's requirement even though you have your own brilliant idea to work it out. But, here, at Houzdream.com, stands out differently as it is a platform for you to flaunt your hidden skills by designing passionately at your own pace in your most and own creative way where we will highly appreciate your own creative design. To top it off, every single visitor in houzdream.com could be your potential customer. Join us & unleash your potential with us!

Our Mission

Our main mission is to help everyone in getting their creative juice flowing for their idea to design their dream house.
To be able to provide professional interior design in the most affordable price.
Realising their dream design through houzdream.com in becoming reality.
Everyone is able to DIY their own dream house effortlessly with detailed resources provided.
Providing a portal for designers to present their own creative designs.